• Website Custom Solution

    Create your own website

  • Time attendance

    Cloud-based realtime attendance. sending email check data to your employee. auto calculate overtime

  • Garment Management Application

    Make simple process for Wholesaler

  • Financial Agent Management System

    All-in-One System

Services We Provide


Integrated management system for wholesalers that can register product, order, and ship.

Financial ERP

Resource Manage system for loan/mortgage companies that can systematize hand-writing paperwork.

Web Design

CMS Program that can easily make website.


From Website design to Marketing, we can help you with comprehensive solutions including SEO.

SEO Service

Brand New Meta Tag management system help client to modify Meta tag efficiently.

Phone System

Transform Analog Audio Signals into VoIP Phone by sending digital data through internet.

Office Monitoring System

Office Monitoring System for the security of a company 24/7.

Time Checker System

Computerized system that manage the working hours of employees any time.

With 15 years of software developing, we will provide great services and products

yoshiharu ramen website

Yoshiharu Ramen

greenfield long beach website

Green Field Long Beach

pinksliplending.com website


d.n.a couturela website

d.n.a couture

Staccato.com website

Staccato Showroom

Muse.M Apparel

MuseM Apparel

Apiis App

Apiis App

apiis financial group website


time checker sgsnetworks

Time Checker

Why Choose SGS Networks?

Integration API 

All Kinds of API Integration are possible with Amazon, Ebay, MailChimp, UPS, FedEx, Forte.Net, Athorize.NET, and Moneris Solution 

Backup System

We store all the documents into live server and data server daily with dual structure backup for safety.

Web Security Module

Our Web Security Module can prevent data phishing and secure credential information of clients.

Responsive Layout

We can make any kind of web application works in Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

Customer Care Service

If you need any help or have a trouble, we can help you immediately through remote control or visit your office on urgency.

License Server

SGS Networks can automatically update different types of services through self managed License Server.

If there's a problem, we'll suggest the Best Solution

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All About SGS NETWORKS. Reasons to choose SGS NETWORKS Products

Introduction for SGS NETWORKS Services

Solutions for global standard networks is a creative IT solution developer offers diverse types of products and services. SGS Network provides ERP system for mortgage/Loan companies, All in one system integrated with Sales order, Purchase Order, Invoice Tracking and Inventory Management, and web application design. Beside, SGS provide a Monitoring system, internet phone call system, and commuting management system for the operation of companies.

SGS Networks provide high quality service by customer friendly maintenance service, guarantee of production quality through SGS’s unique products and  server. Especially, we update continuously to provide the best service and technology we can provide for security module and data backup for the company’s documents. We provide our service to more than 10 companies and share suggestions for better products and services.

If there are any issues operate your business, SGS Networks can surely help you to solve issues through cooperation.

GSA(Garment Sales Application) 

GSA is All-in-one System designed for wholesalers in the United States. GSA manages customers and product efficiently. It can track the all the process of transaction history, purchase order, invoice, and sales order. GSA limits the access of employees based on their positions in order to secure internal control and information security. GSA is combined with another Web based application called GWA(Garment Web Application) that can display the products from GSA and get orders from it through on-line. GWA is designed as RWD and can be activated in mobile and tablet.

Currently, GSA provides categories below

  • Customer: Create New Customer, Customer List, Credit Card(Provided depends on Buyers), Web Customer, Web Admin.
  • Sales Order: Create New SO, New Web Order, SO List, Pending SO, Voided SO, Pull List, Pull Summary
  • Invoice: Create New Invoice, Invoice List, Pending Invoices, Shipment Ship Label
  • Purchase Order: Create New PO, Active PO list, Closed PO list, Create New Vendor, Vendor List
  • Inventory: Transfer, Update, Report, Negative Invetory(Deleted)
  • Accounting: Create New Credit Memo, Credit Memo List, Payment History, Check Print (Deleted)
  • Report: Best Sold, Customer, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, Payment, Aging
  • Setting: Base Setting, User Management, Email Profile, Color/Size, Pack, Shipment Box, Properties

You can find details from user manuals.


GWA(Garment Web Application) 


GSA is combined with another Web based application called GWA(Garment Web Application) that can display the products from GSA and get orders from it through on-line. GWA is designed as RWD and can be activated in mobile and tablet.

Demo Site

Financial Agent Management System


FAMS is ERP system for mortgage/loan company in the United States. It is a solution that accentuate the efficiency of work through systematization and computerization. Apiis has admin and agent role. Admin can integrally manage business status of agents. Besides, It has new agent Application Management, contracting status modification, and reporting function for different sorting. Also, It can deliver company news to agents through resource menu. Furthermore, it can modify content & policy. Stored documents can be managed by admin accounts and these documents are secure well.

Web application development with BB


After we design website,  there could be wasted time and cost continuously if other IT companies take care of diverse problems and errors.

However, SGS Networks can solve these problems by BB Tools which can easily manage website by user. Also, there would be extra cost for web hosting.

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